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What I Got for Christmas | The Highlights

I definitely can't be the only one who thought Christmas flew by this year in a flash. We were so busy with Oh, Hello gift orders that Santa arrived before I knew it with a ton of amazing gifts in stow. I firmly believe that Santa tells all my friends and family what gifts I would like to get every year because they're so on point it's scary.

I received a ton of thoughtful gifts and couldn't include them all in this post as I'm sure that would get much too boring to hear about every single pair of (wonderfully perfect) socks I got, so I kept it to the highlights.

The board games have got to be some of my favorite gifts this year as it's the first year anyone has gotten them for me. I think people are finally accepting my quirky interests. Plus the Amazon wishlists everyone sent to each other this year meant a lot of A+ gift giving. I got an expansion to my favorite game Mysterium plus Mr. Jack as well as its expansion. Plus a gorgeous bookshelf to display them all (more info on that later). All these board games have me itching to do board game reviews on my YouTube Channel. Yay or nay?

I of course got TONS of Shopkins as they still are quite the obsession, but I also got Louise and Fox in Socks vinyl figurines to display in the Alex approved areas of our house. We often debate as to what is allowed in the common, public areas of the house. My childish interests are not on the approved list. 

My dad got me this hilarious coffee table book of the 101 Uses for a Mainecoon Cat that still has me cracking up days later.

I now own a gorgeous Smiley Face Spoon from Sur la Table and an even more perfect Mini Waffle Maker to make some seriously delectable desserts this year. I'm hungry just thinking about them.

My sister and brother-in-law kindly got me The 52 Lists Project book I've had on my wishlist for months. I've finally gotten over my fear of writing in it and am tackling the first list. It's a beautifully inspiring book with some fantastic photos that has my brain abuzz with new ideas. 

You can see me gush about everything in my most recent YouTube video!

Christmas this year kicked ass. The gifts were great of course, but the time spent with family could not have been more perfect. We baked cookies, watched all my favorite Christmas movies, and really relaxed. But now it's back to the grind of 2018!

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