Why You Should Make a Year in Review Photo Book
It’s not too late to make a year in review photo book of everything you got up to last year. I got my butt in gear and whipped together a book at the start of the year and I’ve already started making plans for my 2018 in review to be even better. There are a ton of reasons why you should take a few hours out of your day to gather all the photos from the last year and put them together.
Why You Should Make a Year in Review Photo Book
  1. The age of photo albums is dying. Some of my best memories with family are flipping through old photo albums, learning about our history, and hearing stories. Soon there won’t be a time when family gathers around albums to talk share memories. I don’t want our future kids to miss out on seeing the early years of their parents.
  2. It’s a great way to reflect on everything that has happened in the past year. I have the hardest time celebrating the small victories, so putting them all into a book is a fantastic way to make sure to celebrate everything.
  3. If you tend to keep concert tickets and other memorabilia, you can add a pocket to the back of the book and stash all those little papers you’ve collected throughout the year.
  4. You can add in travel photos so you don’t feel like you have to have a whole separate book or scrapbook to document the adventure. 
  5. I’m awful at scrapbooking. Plus the time commitment is just too much. This makes the whole process way easier.
I ordered my book through Shutterfly, but there are tons of options out there and coupons constantly. I’ve started a folder on my computer to pop in any photos from this year that I want to include in the next book. That way, twelve months from now I’m not trying to scrounge together photos.
I’ve already convinced my sister to make one…you should too!