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5 Beauty Goals for 2018

Are we still interested in goals now that it's February? I've finally gotten around to figuring out some beauty goals for this year and if I don't share them, they'll probably not happen. 

  1. Try more from the drugstore. I don't know when my nose suddenly turned up, but I definitely need to revisit the makeup aisles of the drugstore and see what's new. So many drugstore brands are stepping up their game lately so quality has gone way up. Any suggestions on where to start? I haven't looked in probably two years!
  2. Clear out my stash of unnecessary products. Although I work my butt off to keep my collection as small as possible, it's started to spread. I've somehow started filling up a random drawer full of "maybe' beauty bits that definitely needs a sort through.
  3. Master false lashes. I've worn them a bit in the past, but just can't seem to master applying them correctly. I love the way they look and want to have this skill in my arsenal for when special events arise.
  4. Try Glossier. It's about time right? I have yet to venture into the world of Glossier, but a purchase is in my future. What things do I have to try?
  5. Wear more bold lips. And by this I mean wear any at all. I've gotten so comfortable with neutral lips that I'm missing a whole world of color. I already have the shade options, I just gotta do it.

They aren't the most revolutionary beauty goals for the year, but I want to shake things up and keep my makeup life interesting. Do you have any goals for 2018?

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