I made it my mission in 2018 to actively try out different planners. Throw some stickers in them, pan in them for a few weeks, and see exactly what they have to offer when actively used. The Get to Work Book has been a fast favorite for me, so seemed like a great place to start.
From very first sticker this planner feels so natural to use after being in an Erin Condren planner for so long. Stickers fit great while the spread feels open and useful. Seriously every planner should have lines regardless of layout. Who could possibly write that straight all the time?
At first I wasn’t sure how to use the bottom grid section, but as soon as I put a few photos down there I was sold. It’s an amazing section for memory keeping, doodling, and adding a bit more fun while leaving the top section to be more structured. 

Overall I’m surprised at how easy it was to jump into another planner for a week. I love that the Get to Work Book allows me to still use my beloved stickers, but pushes me to tackle my daily events and to do lists a bit differently. Plus it’s always super cool to see sticker layouts in non-EC planners.
What planner should I tackle next?