5 Things To Do Today to Jump Start Your Online Business
Starting a business can be (and definitely is) a daunting task. It’s so hard to figure out exactly where to start that more times than not, things never get off the ground. So here are five things you can do today to help jump start your online business. Because sometimes the hardest part is just getting started.
  1. Pick a name and use NameCheckr to see if it’s available on social media. Nothing is worse than committing to a great name just to find out that it’s not available on Instagram. So put some of your favorite names into NameCheckr to see on what platforms they’re available. That way you can work to find a name that you can use across as many platforms as possible. It’ll make it way easier for people to find you once your business is up and running.
  2. Create a list of 5-10 products you want in your shop starting out. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to plan 20-30 different products. You’ll never get anything done if you’re starting at a huge list of things to do. So start small with a few products you can make right now. That way you can get your shop up and running as soon as possible.
  3. Give yourself a small loan to get started. It’s important that you give your business a fighting chance by giving it some money to get started. I recommend around $500 so you can buy any supplies, machines, website domains, etc you may need. Plus you won’t be dumping money into a business and not knowing how much you’ve actually put into it.
  4. Once you have a few products, take photos of them! Do standard, bright product shots, but also show them in action. Lifestyle photos are so much more engaging on social media than boring white backgrounds. So try and give whatever you’re selling some life!
  5. Tell people about it. Nothing makes you more accountable than telling people you’re going to do something. No one wants to be that person who’s all talk. So start spreading the word about your business and follow through by making it happen.
Let me know in the comments if you found this post helpful and I’ll keep sharing my tips and tricks to getting started!