what it's like to work with your husband
The question I always get asked when I share that I work from home with Alex is, “What’s it like to work with your husband?!” Let me tell you, it’s not what you think.
First and foremost, it’s the best. I would much rather work with my husband every single day than work anywhere else with anyone else. He’s my best friend. So it’s great to have someone who knows me so well and I enjoy to be around. Plus I can wear whatever I want which is a nice bonus.
Beyond the mushy, “I love him” stuff it’s really simple. We are completely different in so many way that it works in our favor to get stuff done. I like to work in quiet either in bed or within eyesight of bed, while Alex is the exact opposite. He needs a designated space, as much music and coffee as possible, and room to brainstorm. I also tend to be more of a details person and he’s all about the big picture. We’re just so different, and it works.
And to be honest, we really don’t see each other that often during the work day. We message each other over the internet with questions, projects, and other information, but more times than not we’re doing our own thing. We usually meet up over lunch or dinner, but keep to our projects and to do lists.
We also keep our job tasks quite separate from each other. We both have things we’re very good at, and things we’re awful at. So the job roles were pretty easy to define and stick with.
I think that’s why we’re so successful. We understand our vast working differences, and don’t hover over each other. We let each other do our own thing because that’s what has worked for us so far. I also don’t think working with your significant other is for everyone. We sometimes do get short with each other, but we try our best to not let that flow into our relationship outside of work. It’s important to have that separation because if you don’t, it’s hard to see where your relationship ends and work life begins.