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I Stopped Using Plastic Straws Two Months Ago | Why I Did It

I Stopped Using Plastic Straws Two Months Ago

Two months ago Alex and I decided to stop using plastic straws completely. We're always trying to find small ways that we can make an impact on the environment and this seemed like a no-brainer. Over 500 million straws are used DAILY (find out more stats and info) and we didn't want to be a part of that statistic anymore. Straws are incredibly difficult to break down and most types cannot be recycled. Plus tons of them end up in the oceans causing damage to wildlife. I'm not in the business of harming poor sea turtles.

Honestly I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually was. But it became obvious after the first day just how often plastic straws pop into our lives. And it's so easy just to say no thank you to a straw, or pass one back through a drive-thru window. I also keep track of just how many straws we've saved over the past 60 days. We've avoided using 70 straws so far. Not too bad.

Having drinks in the car did prove to be the most difficult thing to overcome. So we purchased these metal straws from Amazon and now drinking on the go is super easy. Plus I really like how cold the metal straws get. 

We also don't try to pressure other people to not use straws when we're out to eat. I don't want to become that person who shoves my opinions down other people's throats. But more times than not, people will skip out of using straws for that meal too.

Now I know it may not seem like we can save the oceans by not using straws, but it's definitely a start. It's so easy to feel like the problem is too big and that there's nothing little old me can do about it. But that's not true. I've saved 70 straws that could end up harming an animal or making the oceans worse. And that feels pretty damn good.

So give it a try. Even if it's just for a few days, say no to plastic straws. It's a whole lot easier than you think.

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Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss Review

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss Review

Let's be honest, I never thought I'd be writing a post about lipglosses. I swore them off years ago once I left my preteens and tossed the sticky messes into the trash. Yet here we are. The Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lipglosses* have me singing another tune.

These glosses are thick, super easy to apply, but with no sticky, goopy feeling in sight. The color payoff is great for a gloss, but they really shine when put over similar colored lipsticks. They also have a solid lasting power on the lips if you aren't eating or drinking too much.

Plus they're minty. Like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie minty. Those just happen to be my all time favorite...and it's not just a brief minty flavor that leaves after a few minutes of wear. Oh no, it lasts the whole. dang. time.

I'm most impressed with the shade range. 16 different shades to choose from including metallic bright gold. Sure I personally don't have the courage to rock those deep purples in the line, but I'm glad they exist for those who do.

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss Review

It's no surprise that the mauve options and pinky nudes are my faves. Pictured above (from left to right) is "Fuel," "Naked," and "Beso." I'm also a fan of "Rapture," "Obsessed," and "Midnight Cowgirl" that fall into the same color family. 

I'll have to look twice the next time I pass a collection of lip glosses in Sephora or the drugstore. Hell we can unlock our phone with facial recognition, it was about time lip glosses lost their stickiness and became full of glossy goodness.

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Things I Do to Help Manage My Anxiety

Things I Do to Help Manage My Anxiety

I have anxiety. Specifically diagnosed as high-functioning anxiety, but anxiety regardless. I'm trying to be as open I can about the entire process and have posted a video all about my journey so far, but there are a ton of questions about what exactly I do to manage it. 

First and foremost, I see a therapist once a week. I do plan on cutting it back to every two weeks, but starting therapy did serious wonders for my anxiety. I've noticed more than anything, it's helped me to become aware of the various stages of my anxiety that leads to panic attacks. Awareness helps me acknowledge what's happening sooner, to help me start to try and come back from it sooner. If you take anything away from this post, definitely consider going to therapy. 

When it comes to doing things at home though, I have a few tricks. When I feel myself being particularly anxious, I try to switch up what I'm doing. A lot of the time what I'm working on is giving me stress, so I try to take a break from what I'm working on to focus on something else and come back to it. Usually I'm able to work out of the mood rather than trying to force myself through it.

I also communicate to my husband Alex as soon as I start feeling the signs of a panic attack coming. He's my best defense for anxiety and the sooner he knows what's going on with me, the better. He helps distract me, tells me things will be ok, and works me through a panic attack if it does happen.

Social media plays a huge impact on my stress and anxiety levels. Although I can't avoid it completely because of my job, I don't look at it when I wake up or before I go to sleep. This helps to keep my mind from wandering to unhealthy places at two very anxiety-prone times of the day.

When a panic attack feels particularly imminent, I stop everything I'm doing, wrap myself up in a blanket, and watch a drama-free show (usually the Office). It's hard for me to just stop working and do this "lazy" action, but it helps me to avoid a panic attack that could ruin a good couple of days. I rather be "out of commission" for a few hours rather than a few days.

It's definitely a learning process. My anxiety and panic attacks are constantly changing and adapting and I'm always trying to find the best ways to deal with them in a healthy, thoughtful way. I'd love to hear what your methods are when you find yourself in a thought spiral.
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