How to Maintain a Manageable Sticker Collection
Now you definitely don’t have to do this. Go crazy. Shower yourself in gorgeous stickers that planning dreams are made of and live your best life. But if clutter and just TOO. MUCH. STUFF. stresses you out like it does me, this one’s for you. In all honesty though, I don’t find it hard at all to keep my sticker stash to a healthy minimum. I follow these few steps pretty much subconsciously and never feel the overwhelming sticker chaos that’s been known to happen to planner addicts from time to time.
 1. Avoid bored browsing on Etsy

Since my livelihood depends on you shopping online, I’m definitely not going to say don’t do it. But buying a couple things from a new launch vs. browsing Etsy while bored are two different things. I only go on Etsy when I know one of my favorite shops is releasing something in particular I’m interested in. It’s like going into Target without a list. You’re sure to leave with a whole new bedroom set you don’t need. Only shop for stickers with a purpose. It’s the whole ignorance is bliss thing. What you don’t know you “need”, you don’t need.
2. Have a couple destash friends

If you do happen to find yourself with too many stickers, it’s best to have a friend (or five) you can destash your stickers to. They’re likely to have a few other friends and so on until those stickers find a home where they’ll be used and loved the most. 
3. Sort your stickers to get used up
 More often than not, your stash is bulky because there are a ton of sheets with just a few stickers left on them. I like to organize my stickers so my almost used up sheets are at the front so I see them more. Every week I make sure to flip through that stack when I’m decorating.
4. Buy weekly kits by the sheet rather than the full kit
Although weekly kits are cheaper to purchase as the full kit, it’s actually more cost effective to just buy the sheets of stickers you know you’ll actually use. Plus, weekly kits usually have more stickers than you’ll ever need for one week’s spread. Leftover stickers clutter your collection and often don’t get used. Skip the full kit and go a la carte.
Keeping collections manageable doesn’t mean denying yourself things that make you happy, but following these few tips can make sure you aren’t holding on to things you really don’t need. Planning shouldn’t overwhelm you, but inspire you!