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What's in My Husband's Planner | Planning for Men

Planning for Men

Now this took a lot of convincing on my part to get my husband Alex to let us take a peek into his planner. Since I've met him, he's been a hardcore Google Calendar user. He never forgot events, but he constantly forget to do list items and deadlines on projects. Enter the Oh, Hello Stationery Traveler's Notebook. He's finally found a system that works for him that makes sure he isn't missing deadlines or important to do items.

Planning for Men

In today's video he's showing you his entire setup, plus giving you a huge inside look into all of the inserts we're designing to compliment our notebooks. I always find it so fascinating seeing other people's planner setups and getting a look into a man's setup is even more interesting.

So grab a snack and settle in. Alex is putting it all out on the table.

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