Oh mental health. It’s a popular topic these days and I figured in light of everything going on I’d give you an update about me. If you’re new to my therapy/mental health journey, I posted a video a few months ago discussing my process and decision to start therapy.
For the first few months, I attended an hour long therapy session once a week. I’ve since switched to once every two weeks to better fit my schedule and needs. It’s so easy to go consistently because I have such a strong and supportive relationship with my therapist. It feels as if we’re just two friends gabbing about life every session rather than it being a formal thing. It’s so important to find someone you can really connect with.
For me, it took about two months before I really got comfortable with my therapist. It took time to tell her about my life, give her the ins and outs of my family, and warm up to the fact that we’d be talking about hard topics I usually avoided. It’s only recently that I feel like we’ve really dove deep into the origins of my anxiety and panic attacks. 
The thing about therapy is that it takes time. Anxiety isn’t something you can just “cure.” It’s something that adapts, changes, and hangs out with you for your entire life. I keep going because I’ve seen so much progress already, but the work isn’t done yet.
I think I’ll always continue therapy is some form for the rest of my life. It’s amazing to have someone to talk to about things I don’t want to bother my husband with, or with petty things that would inevitably bore anyone else I tell them to. It’s a great feeling to have someone who will listen to you without fail, never just waiting for you to stop talking so it can be their turn.
My anxiety is definitely not gone, but it’s manageable now. I’ve developed techniques and methods to deal with the hard days, and now there are even more good days. So that’s why I keep going. To work towards more of those good days.