Why Printable Inserts are a Must for Any Traveler's Notebook Addict
I think it’s safe to say I’m not the quickest to jump on a trend. I like to sit back, let the hype die down, then slowly dip a toe into the pool. But once I’m in, I’m in. This is definitely the case with anything planner related. It took me ages to get into the traveler’s notebook world and now I even sell them I’m so obsessed! I finally started to dabble in printable traveler’s notebook inserts recently and created a number of them for Oh, Hello. If you haven’t tried them yet, you need to.
The biggest selling point for me is the nearly instant gratification. A printable can go from purchase to in my hands in as little as thirty minutes (or however fast my printer can print). That’s amazing. Sure I still love a good tangible insert because the paper quality will inevitably be better than what I have at home, but I much rather just have the insert as soon as I decide I want it.
Plus it lets me feel like I’m being crafty, when in all reality, I can’t craft to save my life. For someone who owns a stationery company, the majority of my creative skills reside on a computer. But printable inserts give me the illusion I’m being artistic by using a paper cutter and folding pages together. I’m happy to live with the lie.
I have quite a few favorite inserts as of late, but this project tracker has definitely gotten the most use. I’ve been tracking all of the new releases for Oh, Hello, but I already have some ideas in mind on how to use it for blog posts and YouTube videos as well. I can’t wait to break into my daily hourly once it starts in July.
There are a ton of good shops that sell any type of printable you could possibly want. And you need to give it a go. Your traveler’s notebook will thank you, in a not creepy “omg my planner is talking to me” sort of way…