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Current Beauty Favorites | End of Summer Edition

The summer blew by in a blink with all the travel we got up to. We only went kayaking once! What a serious shame. I did find some time to shake my my makeup routine and a few products stood out as summer favorites I'm sure I'll be using even as sweater weather hits.

When I made the shocking discovery that the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue shade I've been using for years is in fact TOO DARK FOR ME, my world changed. A bit over-the-top sure, but going down a shade or two made a huge difference. I went from shade five to two and now mix the two together since I have the slightest of tans. I've loved the coverage and dewy finish of this for years, but am so glad to finally have the perfect shade. I can only imagine what other foundations I'm not wearing the right color of...

I'm still in a real Glossier moment with my two favorite products being their Boy Brow in Brown and their Cloud Paints. I've been wearing Dusk all summer long and have to actively try to wear other blushes just to mix things up. It's a gorgeous coral-pink that gives a nice flush to the skin without being too overly blushy. It's also the most buildable blush I've ever used. Boy Brow is a brow gel that I use as a brow filler. Lazy me loves swiping this on my brows and calling it good. Plus it darkens up my pretty light brows so you can actually SEE them.

Occasionally I force myself to step away from the Stila One Step Correct and try another primer. I've been giving the new bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Primer a go and although it's not going to replace One Step Correct, it's definitely a great alternative. It's hydrating, smooth on the skin without feeling silicone-y, and leaves a nice base to put makeup on top of. If you're in the market, check this one out.

With it being so hot here lately I've taken to actually using powder to keep the shiny away. I'm always a fan of dewy, but greasy and sweaty is just too far. The It Cosmetics Airbrush Perfecting Powder helps to set everything in place without looking cakey or too matte. It also helps to make sure nothing slides off my face during the day. It also has SPF 50 which is bananas. All good things, right?

I've also been using a setting spray like nobody's business. Urban Decay's All Nighter is my usual go to, but I've been using Chill and honestly can't tell the difference between the two. They take some time to settle onto the skin, but my makeup lasts so much longer when I use a spray over when I don't. 

Dry lips are basically my MO all year round, but I wanted to mix things up from using my usual plain vaseline to something a bit more festive. I know...look out...Kayla is over here really shaking things up. Vaseline Rosy Lips has everything I love about vaseline, but with a bit of color thrown in. Wild child is my middle name.

Summer has been so hectic over here that I must admit I'm pretty excited to wave the humid weather goodbye and throw a cozy sweater on. Remind me of this when it's the dead of winter, k?
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Forever a Cat Person and Other Adult Decisions

I strongly believe that when you hit a certain age, you suddenly develop opinions on things you never had opinions on before. For me that age is 26. Here I am, basically the same human I was 365 days ago, but with some strong opinions. Here's what they are.

I'm a cat person. Full stop. Sorry dogs, you're cute and all, but it's the cat life for me. Just look at that photo of Gallifrey a year ago. Adorbs. For a while I would appease people by saying we had only cats for convenience's sake. I'd assure them that I was both a cat, and a dog person. A few years ago we almost purchased a corgi puppy. That Kayla didn't know what she was thinking. This Kayla? Oh I'm sure. Cats all the way baby.

Do whatever you want as long as it doesn't bother anyone else. Specifically enjoy whatever hobby you want. I recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons. Two years ago I would have hesitated and really thought about if I wanted that fact on the interwebs. Now? Screw it. It's a whole lot of fun, gets me and Alex out of the house, and I'm not afraid who knows it. When we're younger we're always trying so hard to keep up with appearances. I'd play down the things I love (board games, houseplants, etc.) and play up the things I knew other people like. Just plain silly.

I've also firmly decided I'm a plant lady. It's taken me quite a while to get to this place. Unfortunately a lot of dead succulents along the way, but here I am. There are twenty-five glorious green creatures in our house thus far and as long as Alex is cool with it, I'll keep adding more. 

When Alex met me six years ago I think it's safe to say I was a materialistic, shop-o-holic mess. Now? It's more about the moments than the things. If I suddenly had to uproot, downsize, and travel the country in a tiny house I wouldn't hesitate to grab my cats, a few plants, our board games, and be on my merry way. Over the past few years I've abandoned my attachment to stuff and become more attached to the adventures instead.

I'm sure over time I'll make even more adult decisions, maybe change a few along the way, and stop being phased by what everyone else is doing. Sure being an adult comes with joint pain for no apparent reason, but it also comes with self-assurance. And I can dig that.
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Well...this is awkward.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? I think I may have completely forgotten how to blog. Is it like riding a bike? I was always rubbish at bicycles and have quite a few scars to prove it. Here's hoping I can get back into blogging better than I ever got back on a bike. Honestly I don't remember the last time I was even on a bike, but I digress.

So it's been a minute. A long minute. So the only way to really dive back into this thing is to tell you what's been going on in that very long minute. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of links.

I've been travelling for work, a lot. Since I work for myself that may sound a bit odd, but my husband and I (Alex, you remember him right?) have been travelling the planner conference circuit. The PlannerCon Parties circuit to be exact. We've been to Salt Lake City and Cleveland so far (click for links to vlogs) and have Charlotte, San Diego, and Honolulu (squeal!!) on the books. Plus there's a Wisconsin event thrown in there next month for good measure. It's been a whirlwind of an adventure so far and I have plans for a post all about travelling for work to really get into the deets.

Beyond travelling Alex's promotional business has really gotten off the ground. I've even started sticking my toe in and have my very first coffee and promotional chat on the schedule. The introvert in me is dying, but my girl boss exterior couldn't be more excited to take a crack at honest-to-god-in-person-sales. 

I think I've finally settled into a new planning style with my deluxe monthly setup and traveler's notebook. I've been going into intense detail about it on my YouTube channel where I haven't fallen off the posting bandwagon.

Time is going by at the speed of light. A week off of blogging has turned into months and here I am, awkwardly returning. So let's do this thing like it's been going on this whole time...shall we?
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