I feel like I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but I’m garbage when it comes to goal setting. Sure I have goals, but I can never seem to put the right benchmarks in place to get them done in a timely fashion. So here’s hoping a blog post will keep me accountable to get these things done by the end of 2018.
  1. Sign up for another workout class. I take a HIIT class once a week, but I really need to increase it to two classes a week for my mental sanity (as well as my physical health of course). I’m thinking either a spin class or a yoga class. There are a bunch of places in the Grand Rapids area, but it always takes me a lot of mental pep talks to try something new.
  2. Start work on a planner subscription box. I’d love to launch a planner subscription box in 2019 with all the fixings. I’m talking planners, clothing, home accessories packed into a quarterly released box. Right now it’s only just an idea, so I’d love to make some sizable progress on box design and themes by the end of the year.
  3. Check in with friends two more times. When I get busy the letters and text message check ins fall to the wayside. I’d love to check in with my friends and family two more times before the year is up. Luckily Christmas cards can definitely count as one! I still try to do this despite busy schedules to make sure they all know just how important they are to me.
  4. Take some time off. Like legit time off. Not work travel or family visits, but legit do nothing time. I’m even open to a staycation. 
They say you should make your goals doable right?