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Perfect Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Perfect Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Alex and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary and we take gift giving very seriously. We decided last year to stick to the "traditional" anniversary gift themes to keep us creative.When our cotton anniversary approached, we both knew the competition was on.

Let's start with what I got Alex. Of course the best place to go is Etsy when you don't have a creative DIY bone in your body. I knew Alex had a love for cross stitch (seriously how did I find this unicorn of a guy?!) so it seemed like a no-brainer to get a custom portrait of our family at this moment in time. There are a ton of shops to choose from, but I selected this one because the style really fit us and it came in a frame. The owner worked with me over a few weeks to make sure our cats came out just right and everything was perfect. It came from overseas so definitely give yourself a good two months lead time to make sure it arrives.

Perfect Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Alex knocked it out of the park with his gift. He found this shop to make us custom dolls. The details are insane on these adorable things. Poppy dress? Check. Bow tie? Check. I love how similar but different our gifts ended up being. What can you expect when you spend nearly every day together?! It got to the point that we had to tell a friend what we were getting the other person just to make sure we weren't doing the same thing.

So if you're in the market for a good cotton anniversary gift or just want to mix things up, definitely check out these shops on Etsy. They made our second anniversary really special.

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