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How I've Been Using My Rifle Paper Co. Planner

How I've Been Using My Rifle Paper Co. Planner

This wouldn't be a planner, beauty, and lifestyle blog if I didn't go through a bi-weekly planner crisis right? Today's YouTube video goes into more detail about my current crisis and the planner setup I'm in, but a lot of the turmoil comes down to The Rifle Paper Co Planner putting a wrench in things again. 

I've used the Rifle Paper Co planners on and off for the past three years and they always seem to pop back into my life when I need it most. It's such a simple layout for a planner, but it's perfect if you have a ton of to do list items but not a lot of meetings or appointments. I had just started to feel at odds with my daily hourly layout when this gorgeous beauty landed on my doorstep. It was a like a sign from the gods that a planner shake-up was in order.

How I've Been Using My Rifle Paper Co. Planner

I'm currently using the planner similarly to how I have in the past, but I've added in some functional stickers to mark any timed events that I may have. Every Sunday I'll sit down and space out any to do items I need to get done the next week. I love having the entire weekly view visible at one time so if one day seems particularly heavy with things, I can always move them around to another day. It's also easy to see anything I missed from the day before that I still need to get done.

Check out today's video if you fancy seeing what other planners are currently in rotation!

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