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What's Inside the First Oh, Hello Box + WIN A BOX!

What's Inside the First Oh, Hello Box

The day has finally arrived. And it can only be outdone by the actual box release date. I've somehow managed to keep my spoiler-loving butt from spilling ALL the secrets about the contents of the first #ohhellobox. That is, until now. So let's dive into this packed box filled with items you won't find anywhere else on! 

When I decided to make the subscription box, I wanted it to be more than just stationery supplies. Sure I'll be sure to include pens and notepads galore, but there's also going to be a ton of lifestyle products coming your way. This first box is themed "Brunch Bunch" and has a gorgeous embroidered apron ($30) with adjustable neck and waist fabric. 

Each subscription box will contain an enamel pin ($7) designed exclusively for each box. So as you receive boxes, you'll be able to collect enamel pins from each one. And I posted a handy DIY enamel pin frame tutorial on YouTube so you can get prepared.

What's Inside the First Oh, Hello Box

This box truly represents where Oh, Hello has been and where it's going. I wanted to include a lot of products that represent who we are, but also start to shift to what I want Oh, Hello to become. So the stationery products are more abundant in this box, as a nod to Oh, Hello's history.

There's a pocket traveler's notebook ($37) with an exclusive cover design as well as a pocket dot grid insert ($4). It wouldn't be an Oh, Hello box without stickers! There are two custom sticker sheets ($6) as well as a bunch of die cuts ($4) of all the brunch bunch characters. 

On top of three sets of sticky notes ($9), you'll also receive our first ever keychain ($8). In the shape of an egg. It's keychain perfection.

What's Inside the First Oh, Hello Box

The first subscription box by me wouldn't be complete without a squishy ($5)!! It had to happen. Nothing brought me more joy than when a giant box packed full of donut squishies landed on my doorstep. 

What's Inside the First Oh, Hello Box

So there you have it. The first box is officially out in the world and will be available for purchase on January 5th. Boxes will be $44.95 plus a flat shipping rate. And as a thank you for supporting me and Oh, Hello I'm giving away a box to one of you!  

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