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Why Hiring an Assistant was the Best Thing for My Business

Why Hiring an Assistant was the Best Thing for My Business

Hiring my assistant Meghan is by far one of the best things I did for Oh, Hello in 2018. It took me far too long to take the plunge and commit to hiring someone part time to help me. Of course I should have done it years ago. Same ol' Kayla, always dragging her feet to do anything that will be good for her. 

Above all else, hiring an assistant gave me time to not work IN the business, but ON the business. Although I love scrolling on Instagram and managing fun activities like our yearly card swap, I found myself spending so much time just trying to stay afloat and get everything done. I wasn't doing anything to help my business grow. The assistant helped take some of the smaller things off my plate so I could focus on bigger projects, like the subscription box.

I've been working with just my husband so long that I forgot what it feels like to be able to bounce ideas off of someone else. She helps bring new ideas and insights to the table. A different perspective is always needed in small business, despite my paranoid little brain thinking otherwise.

At first I had a hard time delegating out projects to Meghan, but when we started travelling a bunch near the end of the year, everything changed. I relied on her to get sales going while we were on airplanes, she posted on social media, and kept everything running smoothly when I couldn't. 

I feel like a lot of these things now sound like no brainers. They could sound like that to you. Like, "Of course Kayla, having an assistant means you have HELP." But I genuinely didn't think I needed any until I hired an assistant and realized just how much time I was spending on things I didn't need to. Everything doesn't just rest on my shoulders anymore. Like Samwise Gamgee always says, "Share the load."

So if you're in a place where you're thinking about hiring an assistant. Do it. It's life changing. You'll find yourself with more time to expand your business and keep growing. And that's the whole point, right?

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