5 Ways to Make Mental Health a Priority
It’s so easy to ignore mental health as the calendar fills up and the days get busy. Yet when your mental health suffers, everything suffers. So here are five easy ways to make mental health a priority in your life.
Plan fun outings and events to have something to look forward to beyond work. A few weeks ago I went with my friend Taylor to a candle bar to make our own custom candles. We were only gone a few hours, but the adventure did WONDERS for my mental health. Plus it gave me something new to talk about besides work things! Something as simple as going to the movies and taking a break from reality can hugely improve your mental health.
Create a list of stress reduction activities that you can reference if you’re feeling anxious or stressed. My list includes things like a long bath, a walk outside, and a hydrating face mask. Write down things that bring you joy and help you to get out of  your head.
Go to therapy. Whether it’s every week or a few times a month, set aside time to talk to someone. Even if you don’t think you necessary “need” therapy, schedule an appointment anyway. You’ll be surprised at how much lighter you’ll feel after an hour of judgement free conversation.
Unfollow and defriend accounts that bring you stress. Whether it’s that second cousin who is constantly starting political fights on Facebook or that Instagrammer with the unrealistically perfect life, delete them from your social sphere. Don’t think about it, just do it. The effect will be nearly instantaneous. You won’t feel crappy after a quick scroll through Instagram but rather inspired by feeds that make you feel good rather than like shit.
Schedule time each week for mental health activities like yoga or meditation. Even if it’s just ten minutes before bed to journal about the day, set aside time for YOU.