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Getting the Most Out of Your Planner Note Pages

Getting the Most Out of Your Planner Note Pages

For the longest time I just left the notes pages in the back of my planner empty. I'm definitely not an artist and didn't want to mess them up with my crappy attempts at bullet journal-like spreads. I'm ashamed at just how long it took me to realize I could just make stickers...oh Kayla...

With all the travel I've been doing lately across the United States I really wanted to create a travel tracker and wish list of places I'd like to visit. I just add a little red dot on the map to indicate places I've been rather than coloring in the whole state. My hope is that over time I'll have a chicken pox map full of amazing travel adventures!

Getting the Most Out of Your Planner Note Pages

When the new Erin Condren Life Planner (review here) dropped I completely hated the new monthly productivity page. I never have that many birthdays to track and I wasn't a fan of the other header options. Plus I always love a good habit tracker. The ECLP monthly productivity page habit tracker and headers was born! If I want to mix up what headers I use each month I have six different options to choose from. Gotta love stickers that can make a planner perfect!

Getting the Most Out of Your Planner Note Pages

Another one of my favorite ways to spice up my notes section is with the build your own bookshelf book tracker. There's just something about wanting to fill in all those book spines that gets a gal reading again. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Planner Note Pages

I wanted a section for all my wish list items, but I like to divide them based on categories. Presto. Wish list notes page. That way I can add a header to the little sticky note looking sticker based on wish list topics. 

Here's a video of my notes section before I created the USA map and wish list sticker sheets! I also use these popcorn stickers and television stickers to track shows and movies I'd like to watch and you can see how I set that up in the video.

How do you use your note pages?

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