The Best Planning Related Affiliate Programs to Join
If you’re living that online life of posting videos/writing blog posts, affiliate programs are a great way to organically talk about products you actually use while getting some money on the side. It’s something talked about a lot in the beauty and lifestyle industry, but relatively unheard of in the planning community. There are so many amazing options out there for affiliate programs to increase your online revenue just by simply changing what links you’re using.
What’s even better is that all of my favorite planner affiliate programs use ShareASale as their platform. That way it’s super easy to keep everything in one place and you’ll get one paycheck rather than having to keep up with a ton of different accounts.
You’ll be able to view the programs descriptions and apply to join once you sign up for ShareASale (it’s free).
 10% of every sale

10% of every sale

15% of every sale

5% of every sale
Once you’re a part of the program I highly recommend using the custom links option to take whatever product you’re talking about and make an affiliate link for it. That way you can direct your audience to exactly what you’re talking about. You’ll also receive emails about once a month for each program to give you updates on upcoming sales, discounts, and collaboration opportunities. The Erin Condren program specifically offers a lot of chances to “bid” on projects where they supply you with items to talk about during specific campaigns.
There are a ton of other planner affiliate programs out there, but these are my particular favorites and the ones I find myself linking to most often. If you have any questions about getting started with affiliate links, drop them in the comments and I can help you figure it all out!