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What's Missing from Your Planning Routine

What's Missing from Your Planning Routine

Whether you're a weekly planner, bullet journal-er, or avid to do list maker, don't forget to make sure this one particular thing is in your planning routine. Memory keeping.

For the longest time I avoided memory documenting because I thought I had to be good at scrapbooking (which I most definitely am not). It seemed like such an expensive hobby to get into to be any sort of good at it and it just wasn't what I wanted to spend my free time on (I rather be napping honestly). So I added a few photos here or there but didn't really do any memory keeping. I missed out on preserving a lot of awesome moments and now I'm here to make sure you don't miss out like I did.

What's Missing from Your Planning Routine

My first attempt at memory documenting happened when I went to Las Vegas for Go Wild. I literally had no plan whatsoever on how I wanted to do it. I kept it light, added things as the weekend went along, and it turned out better than I could have imagined. I became hooked and now it's a vital part of my planning routine especially to document travel like my recent trip to Washington state.

So why should you start? Because it's super easy. I just use the softbound notebooks from Erin Condren and paste down business cards, birthday cards, ticket stubs, and of course photos. My rule of thumb is if I have at least photos and one memento from an event, it's worth documenting.  

What's Missing from Your Planning Routine

It may seem silly to document little things like a baseball game now, but I know future me will appreciate the effort. One day I'll look back and easily remember the event and it'll be awesome to see me and Alex in our early years of marriage.

So whether you add some memory planning into your current planner on some note pages or you break out a whole new notebook, just start. Grab the scissors and glue and get to work. You'll become addicted to it in no time.

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