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5 Reasons I Love the Day Designer Planner

5 Reasons I Love the Day Designer Planner

There's a full review blog post on The Day Designer planner a few posts back, but I wanted to share five reasons why I'm completely in love with this planner and how it's completely taken over my planning routine. It's a good'un.

5 Reasons I Love the Day Designer Planner

The next week at a glance at the bottom of the weekend page is something I didn't know my planning routine was missing. It's revolutionary. I love being able to see what's coming up in the next week. It helps with my end of the week anxiety over what's to come plus helps me get more prepared in the process. It makes the week feel much more manageable. 

5 Reasons I Love the Day Designer Planner

Back when I used a weekly planner, hourly layouts were my jam. So the daily hour slots to write in appointments are right up my alley. I added this planner back into my routine because I had a lot more appointments piling up that previous months. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything and I love how easy it is to mark when I have something with a time attached to it.

If I had a particularly unproductive day I love being able to just turn the page, let it go, and move on. Weekly views tend to pile up on me and make me feel like I'm not getting anything done. A daily planner makes it easy to put a crappy day in the past and get more done the next day.

I also really like the notes section on each page. It's another section that I didn't expect I would use as much as I do. I write packing lists, custom stickers I need to design, and random notes throughout the day. This planner just makes me feel like I don't have to be perfect. I can scribble things here and there and the next day I have a fresh, clean spread to tackle.

5 Reasons I Love the Day Designer Planner

Because I can just turn the page to a clean start every two days, the Day Designer lets me mix up my planning style. Sometimes I'll plan out my entire day down to the hour, other days I'll write a to do list and call it good. I love the flexibility.

Oh, Day Designer. Did I just write you a love letter? You bet I did.

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