Habit Tracking for a More Intentional Lifestyle
I’ll admit it, I’m not the greatest when it comes to habit tracking or maintaining habits. Before I started tracking them in my planner I was downright awful. So trust me when I say that habit tracking, actual tracking, can make a world of difference to building and maintaining positive habits.
I’ve tried quite a few different methods over the years, but the sticker in the planner method seems to do the trick. My planner is always with me (security blanket much?) so it’s a lot easier to see what habits I’m trying to track and work on improving them every day. Sure I’m still not perfect (I barely ate at home in the photo…), but it’s more about awareness for me than anything else. The next day I can try to be better and whatnot. It’s a process.
Now I’ve received advice about not having so many habits I’m tracking and I understand there is value in focusing on a few, but I personally love having a bunch. If I happen to have a crappy time with mindful eating on a particular day, I still can feel like I wasn’t a complete and total failure. Having more things to track means I have more opportunities to succeed. 
As I’ve continued this process for a few months I’ve also noticed that some habits don’t need to be checked off every day. I don’t need to check my finances every day, but every few days works. I’ve started highlighting the dates that I want to make sure I do a certain habit that way I don’t feel bad if it isn’t all filled in. Plus some of the things I’m tracking I don’t want filled in. Like anxiety for instance. I want to keep track of when I have higher amounts of anxiety, but if I go a month without marking a single day, that’s definitely a win.
Like with all planner related things, it’s best to find a method that works for you. Whether you track two or three things to make sure you’re staying focused throughout the month, or tracking a whole butt load like me, you do you planner peeps.