How to Balance Friendships When You Have a Hectic Lifestyle
I think it’s safe to say that everyone is busy in one way or another. People are constantly juggling work, health, hobbies, and a social life. It’s tough work. So here’s what you can do to balance friendships when you have a hectic lifestyle (aka everyone…)
Check in regularly even if you aren’t able to schedule time to see them. I call my check in times “Text Tuesdays” to remind me to send my friends a text message to see what’s new in their lives. A decent number of my friends live out of state so it’s a great way to know what’s going on with them. Even if it’s just a quick, “Hey, you’re one badass person,” it’s important to let them know I’m thinking about them.
Let worlds collide. Over the weekend I had a photo shoot for my business and I invited my friends to join the shoot with me. Sure it wasn’t an ideal way to spend time with them, but I still got work done and got to hear about their lives. Two birds with one stone is sometimes the best way to accomplish it all. Try finding a way to combine your social life with your work life so that if you can’t have undivided attention, at least you still get to see your friends.
Plan ahead if you and your friends have a busy schedule. Sometimes I have to plan things out a month in advance for our D&D squad to meet, but it’s better than nothing. 
Schedule the next event at the current one so you don’t find yourselves going months before seeing each other again. 
Make it a priority. I know that’s easier said than done, but if you want to find time to have friendships, you have to make time. Maybe you have to skip a night binge watching Netflix to have a girl’s night, but it’s worth it to maintain your relationships. Trust me, from one introvert to another, it’s worth it.
Sometimes your friendship maintenance will slip, and that’s ok. The best of friends will understand that life can get crazy sometimes but you still care about them. So pick up your phone and shoot a friend a text to hang out next week. Even if it’s just for an hour for coffee. You’re going to need the caffeine anyway…