Why You Should Create an Essentials List in Your Planner
First thing’s first. You may be thinking, “What the heck is an essentials list anyway?!” It’s a list of all of the essential tangible things in your life that if your house caught on fire, you’d try to save first if your family and pets were already safe. The items that bring you joy, that hold sentimental value, and matter to you above everything else. So why should you have one?
It helps you put your life into perspective. To really see what actually matters to you at the end of the day. You’ll be surprised at what ends up on the list, but even more with what doesn’t. And it makes you have this sense of freedom. Like you aren’t tied to all the material crap that builds up in your house and overflows from closets (just me?!) You know exactly what matters to you at the end of the day and the rest doesn’t matter.
It also helps you stop frivolous spending. You are so much more aware of the types of things that really matter to you that you’ll think twice before making an impulse purchase in the dollar section of Target. My impulse purchases are almost non-existent now. I always think back to this list and ask myself, “Will what I want to buy end up going on my essentials list or not? And does it matter to me if it doesn’t end up on the list?” Sometimes we all need to have a planner sticker shopping spree every now and again…we’re human after all.
So sit down for ten to fifteen minutes and write up your essentials list. What would you pack into a van if you suddenly decided to abandon your current life and start a new one? What material things matter the most? I’d love to hear what ends up on your list in the comments if you’re willing to share!