How to Start a New Creative Habit
As the summer winds down and my brain evilly reminds me that ‘winter is coming,’ I thought it a good time to test drive some new creative habits to keep me busy during the colder months. Sure you could just pop over to the store and strike up a new creative habit, but I find taking these few steps as the best way to start (and stick with) something new.
First and foremost, do your research. Whether you want to take up kitting or baking, watch some YouTube videos about your interest first. That way you aren’t diving into something that you’ll quickly jump back out of. When I started baking, I read a lot of blogs to see what recipes were the easiest to follow. That way I could have some creative successes under my belt right out of the gate rather than burning a bunch of cookies and losing hope.
Accountability is key when starting any new habit or hobby, so tell people about it! It’s something new in your life so share it with your friends and family. Plus they’ll likely ask you a few months down the road how it’s going. Don’t disappoint and stick with it!
Give yourself a timeline of how long you’re going to try out the new habit before moving on to something else. If you find you just aren’t cut out for hand lettering, move on to something else. But make sure you’re giving yourself a few weeks to a solid month to try it before switching.
One of the easiest ways to start a new creative habit is to schedule it in your planner. That way it becomes a priority and not just something you talk about doing but never get around to it. I like to bake on Saturday mornings, that way I won’t go months without creating something new and delicious. Find a day during the week or a two week schedule so you can actually do this new habit.
Don’t forget to start slow. If you’re like me you’ll want to jump right in and buy everything under the sun for this new hobby. I can’t tell you how many bins are in my basement full of hobbies I thought I would stick with. For real…I couldn’t tell you…start small and work your way up if you find you enjoy the new habit. Start with a simple hand lettering set and expand your collection if it’s something you actually enjoy. That way you aren’t throwing away money you could be saving for a hobby you want to do in the future.
So whether it’s baking, writing, painting, or whatever, pull out your planner and carve out some time. I always feel so calm and focused after I bake something and it ultimately helps me throughout my work week (plus I get delicious snacks!). A creative habit is a powerful tool!
What creative habit are you trying to start?