Now if I had to pick a team, I’m definitely team cat. But after two months of watching Cadence, Alex’s parents’ dog, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for pups. It’s been a few weeks now that she’s returned home after their move to Virginia, but she’s definitely left a lasting impression on me and taught me a few things I didn’t expect…
1. Dogs truly know how to be happy. Like all the time. Cadence couldn’t wait to go for a car ride, got excited at every turn, and wanted her head out of the window any chance she got. Happiness just spilled out of her and it’s impossible not to get swept up in it.
2. Definitely get a dog before having kids. I know people say it, but I never knew how true it could be. A dog teaches you a lot more responsibility than cats do.
3. Dogs keep you healthier. I went on so many walks, got myself out of the house, and enjoyed the fresh air so much more thanks to Cadence. Even if we were just hanging out in the backyard, she pushed me to get some air every once in a while.
4. You become weirdly obsessed with their bathroom habits and overall routine. I can’t tell you how often I found myself saying, “Oh she definitely has to poo.” Like my lord. And you know what, I felt proud knowing that information. She became my girl for two months and I learned her every like and dislike.
5. Older dogs are something special. Cadence is nearly a decade old and I loved having an older pup around. She’s so smart, well trained, and listens. Definitely a must. Sure puppies are cute, but there’s just something about a loyal dog who is more than happy to take a nap with you in the middle of the afternoon.
I miss this girl. I’m sure she’s having a blast in Virginia exploring her new home, but I wouldn’t mind if she came back to stay again…