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Gift Guide: Gifts for the Planner Addict in Your Life from Erin Condren

How am I even writing about the holidays already?! Anyone else feel like 2019 didn't even happen or is it just sleep-deprived me? Regardless, I have no control over how fast the year goes by and here we are, talking gift guides. It's kind of a given that an Erin Condren gift guide is the first one I post. Five years later and the addiction is stronger than ever. Thank you to the team over at EC for supplying the items for this post!

This year they've released a ton of new products that would make the perfect gift for the planner addict in your life, or to add to your personal wishlist. Up first is their new, smaller planner tote. I wasn't a huge fan of their original size but I'm all about this new option. This tote still fits a regular 7x9 planner in it and has a variety of different internal pockets to store things. Plus they come in a few different color options (this one here is a canvas black). There are a ton of new straps to choose from as well.

The new desk trays are probably my favorite from the bunch. They're beyond gorgeous, heavy duty, and are headed straight to my store as decor as soon as I'm finished with this post. My wallet isn't super jazzed about all these new home goods EC is releasing...

Another surprising new launch the team at EC executed very well are the new brush pens. I'm by no means a hand lettering expert, but I've used my fair share of pens in the past. These are high quality, easy to use, and dry very quickly (you can literally see them drying). I hope this means more people will take a stab at hand lettering in the future!

Erin Condren is usually where I go when I'm in need of stocking stuffers or smaller gifts for my girl friends and nieces. I already have a few more sets of these gold page markers in my shopping basket. I love adding a few smaller gifts on top of a main item to round out the gift.

After five years EC is still going strong with some amazing new releases. And although I'm not mentally prepared for the holiday season, at least EC has my back when I find myself scrambling to order gifts for friends and family.

What's on your holiday wish list this year?

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How to Create a Cookbook Scrapbook

How to Create a Cookbook Scrapbook

Before the Oh, Hello Co. store consumed my life, I eagerly filled free time with baking. A delicious hobby that didn't clutter the house (except with cookies, but that's a welcome clutter) and felt like a cheap (did I say delicious?) form of therapy. I'm eager to get back to it for sure. But this post isn't for me to gripe about missing baking, but to share how I've turned my cookbooks into scrapbooks. I love the idea of my recipe books becoming mementos to pass down in our family.

How to Create a Cookbook Scrapbook

When I picked up baking as a hobby back in college, I would always write in my books any notes or changes I wanted to make to a recipe. Very half-blood prince of me I know. Just little tweaks here or there or our review of the recipe. Plus I've always had this habit of writing the date of when I first made the recipe. A scrapbook wasn't a big leap.

How to Create a Cookbook Scrapbook

After I create one of the recipes in my favorite cookbook I'll take a photo and print it out on some sticker paper. I like seeing how my creation compares to the photo in the book and it encourages me to keep trying new recipes. My ultimate goal is to complete every single recipe in one of my cookbooks. It's lofty, but someone has to eat all of these delicious creations...

Such a simple, easy way to make a cookbook that much more meaningful.
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