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How to Create a Cookbook Scrapbook

How to Create a Cookbook Scrapbook

Before the Oh, Hello Co. store consumed my life, I eagerly filled free time with baking. A delicious hobby that didn't clutter the house (except with cookies, but that's a welcome clutter) and felt like a cheap (did I say delicious?) form of therapy. I'm eager to get back to it for sure. But this post isn't for me to gripe about missing baking, but to share how I've turned my cookbooks into scrapbooks. I love the idea of my recipe books becoming mementos to pass down in our family.

How to Create a Cookbook Scrapbook

When I picked up baking as a hobby back in college, I would always write in my books any notes or changes I wanted to make to a recipe. Very half-blood prince of me I know. Just little tweaks here or there or our review of the recipe. Plus I've always had this habit of writing the date of when I first made the recipe. A scrapbook wasn't a big leap.

How to Create a Cookbook Scrapbook

After I create one of the recipes in my favorite cookbook I'll take a photo and print it out on some sticker paper. I like seeing how my creation compares to the photo in the book and it encourages me to keep trying new recipes. My ultimate goal is to complete every single recipe in one of my cookbooks. It's lofty, but someone has to eat all of these delicious creations...

Such a simple, easy way to make a cookbook that much more meaningful.

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