I feel like “resolutions” has become a dirty word this time of year. Sure most resolutions are given up by the middle of February, but I still love the concept of resetting, refocusing, and picking goals for the start of the new year. It all comes down to creating a good plan that’ll help you stick with it throughout the next 365 days.
Lose 20 pounds to regain a healthy lifestyle and build more self confidence
Take a yoga class in a studio
Put at least $5,000 into savings
Spend at least 2-3 days a month with girl friends
Spend one day a month with my family doing an activity together
Create 50 different sticker packs for Oh, Hello Co.
So how am I going to actually achieve these things? Simple. I’m going to put them in my planner and make time to do them. Like purposely set time out in my day in order to do yoga. I’m mildly obsessed with the new Erin Condren Softbound Planners* as they’re so easy to throw into a bag and travel with. The quality is top notch but I don’t feel the pressure to make it hella cute to post on social media.
Plus I’ve given my goals clear benchmarks for success. I don’t just want to “save money.” I want to save a certain amount so that when I know when I have an extra $5,000 in savings, I’ve hit my goal. It’s so important to know exactly what constitutes a goal accomplished.
What are some of your goals (ehm…resolutions…) in 2020? Do you have a word for your year? I’m thinking mine is going to be purposeful.