I’m a firm believer that your planner and methods need to change with your needs. There’s no use trying to make a system continue to work if your planning needs have changed. That’s just silly. Plus any excuse to get new planner supplies, right?
2020 has been a whirlwind of a year already and we aren’t even two months in. With the opening of Oh, Hello Paper & Gifts and the expansion of The Oh, Hello Branding Group into inbound marketing, my plate looks like I just went to an all-you-can-eat-buffet. She full. To do list items started slipping through the cracks and I felt like I was losing my mind with forgetting things. Enter, The Never-Ending To Do List.
Now it’s going to be overwhelming at first. Any lengthy to do list will. But there’s just something about writing EVERYTHING down in one place that makes your head feel a million times clearer. Sure you still have to get things done, but you’re no longer holding everything in your head hoping you won’t forget.
Any notebook will do the trick, but I love my Clever Fox Dotted Journal because the cover is gorgeous, there are a ton of ribbon bookmarks, and the paper quality is great. It’s also an A5 size so larger than 5×7 to have plenty of room to write longer to do list items.
I add in random stickers and cross off the list with a variety of bright colors to keep me engaged and excited to cross something else off. It’s all about tricking  yourself into getting more done. I’ll take this master list and piece it out in my daily planner into more manageable bites.
Check out how this planner coordinates with the other two planners in my system in this video. What’s your current planner routine?