It’s shocking that Erin Condren planners have been in my life for six years. That silly little girl back in 2014 didn’t know what she was getting herself in to! This year’s release has the planner that is the answer to ALL of my planner dreams. A coiled daily planner. It’s PLANNER CHRISTMAS!!

The daily life planner comes with two coiled planners with six months in each of them. You get to choose one of the covers, and get a code to go back and customize the other. There are two pattern styles this year (I swear EC wants us all to go broke and spend those stimulus checks!). I honestly cannot choose between layers and flowers which one I like more. Layers reminds me of a lot of Japanese art and since we had to cancel our Japan trip, I’m all about it. I’ll be sure to get some of the flower themed accessories on launch day.

The monthly view is tabbed once again after last year’s planner not opening to the month spread when you used the tab. The productivity page is after the monthly view rather than before. The daily pages are GORGEOUS with Saturday and Sunday sharing one page. I haven’t quite figured out my game for the spread yet, but I’ll share once I do.

The accessories. My god. You just have to watch this video to see the true beauty of them all. This launch could have come at a better time financially, but it sure does lift my spirits. Launch day is next week! What products are you going to get? Be sure to check the description for the video to see what other products will be launching.