If you have a Silhouette but are pants at designing your own stickers, finding artwork can be costly and time consuming. If you’re using stickers for personal use, here are my favorite places to find artwork to use in my planner. If you aren’t sure how to make stickers on your Silhouette, I posted this video tutorial a while ago that could help!

To help my fellow DIYers, I post free art files in my shop’s Facebook Group at the start of every month. They usually fit the seasons or holiday themes of upcoming months. You can easily download the art files and print them out on sticker paper, add cut lines in Silhouette, or use them for other craft projects. This month’s release is Camping and Travel themed.

You can also go back in the group and find the posts from previous months and use those as well.

Another Facebook group I highly recommend joining is the Papershire one. She’s the one that inspired me to start doing monthly freebies and hers are downright adorable. I get excited at the start of every month to see what she releases next.

You can also get freebies from Creative Market every week. Sure they may not always be ideal for stickers or planners, but free is free after all. I get an email every Monday about new free items and go check out the site to see if anything sparks my interest.

Where do you get your files to make stickers and another DIY projects?