What have you been putting off doing? Why?


Our basement has always been a dumping ground. The place where we store old memories, extra furniture, half finished projects, and abandoned hobbies. As just two people in a house that could easily have three times as many people living in it, we have way too much space. 

I live firmly in the world of out-of-site, out-of-mind. It vanishes into the depths of our home never to resurface again. At the start of COIVD-19 Alex and I cleaned out the cement, storage section of our basement. Although that room finally got organized, all of the items we wanted to donate, give to friends, and just get out of our lives now firmly sits in our main living area. From one mess to another. 

One of our biggest weaknesses as a married couple is our inability to fully finish a project. A nearly organized garage left not quite finished so it feels ok to let things pile up. Now a basement with boxes to donate and items to sell just sits because there’s no REAL reason to get it out of the house besides finishing the task. No one is visiting. No one is unkowingly pressuring us to not be pieces of garbage.

So there’s the tea. Someone who prides herself on an organized planner and schedule can’t for the life of her keep her basement the same way. And you know what, I’m cool with it.

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