If you could have the perfect date with yourself, what would you do?


Woah. Fell off the writing bandwagon there for a few days. Let’s just chalk it up to a perfect display of how real life doesn’t always go according to plan and move right along, shall we?

I’ve actually started implementing some self-dates but have yet to come up with a name that doesn’t sound weird. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Treat yo self days?

The perfect date with myself would first start off with a trip to Noodles & Company for some macaroni and cheese. Alex isn’t a huge fan of the place so I save trips there for adventures with my mom or solo meals. Then I’d head to some sort of nursery or shop that I know has great plants. Any date with myself must include buying at least one new plant to add to my growing forest.

If I’m making a whole day of it I’d usually go to a coffee shop (pre-COVID) to write for a while. If I’m feeling particularly spendy I’ll find a Goodwill and thrift shop for some new pieces. Then I’ll end the adventure with a trip to Sonic for either a grape slush or a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Basically just the perfect day of shopping and eating. Sums me up quite nicely. What does your perfect date with yourself look like?

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