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Alex and I are celebrating 8 years together in just a couple of days. We’ll be celebrating our 4th marriage anniversary in a month. This post is going to be about him.

It’s not unknown to me that Alex and I have a weird relationship. We’ve been inseparable for those eight years together and still seem to be in the honeymoon phase of being obsessed with each other. Sure we have our disagreements, but even amidst one of our silly fights, we crave being next to each other. Like, “I’m going to be mad at you, but stay in the room, ok?” I think there’s a post coming about how we met, so I’ll save that story for then and focus more about our relationship now.

Most of you know that Alex and I work together, at home, full time. We joke ask each other if we’re talking to business version or spouse version of each other. Yet I never tire of him. I think he never tires of me either because he’s constantly asking if he can pull me behind his kayak just so we can spend more time together (we recently did this and it was the true definition of luxury).

During quarantine and the weird times that are now our lives, we’ve been working harder to develop hobbies and interests that aren’t so intertwined. Mostly to give us something new to talk about. I’ve restarted my daily yoga practice and Alex kayaks just as often. I still get excited when I hear the door open after one of his kayaking trips. It’s like he’s been gone for months and I can’t wait to hear all about his adventures. The same is true when I come back from a social distancing evening with my friends. Alex is all ears.

I know that this isn’t the norm. That if I had to define soul mates it would look something like this. Every day we wake up and choose each other all over again. Through our faults, my infuriating stubbornness to not try new things, and his never-ending desire for a powered parachute. We aren’t perfect, but I think we’re perfect together.

We recently were guests on a podcast and we touch on a lot of what I wrote about today. If you happen to be interested, here’s the podcast.

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