What completely bores you?


My answer to this question would be different if COVID-19 never happened. But we live with the cards that have been played. I cannot for the life of me find online meetings interesting. On average there’s about five minutes of valuable information and the rest is mind-numbingly dull. The cliches about online meetings are so true. There’s always someone with absurd background noise, someone who has a lag in audio or video, and someone who can’t figure out how to turn the mute on and off.

Pre-COVID I would have probably said in-person meetings. Very few meetings need to be in-person in my mind. Most can be accomplished with a phone call or an email. I understand the value of a face-to-face interaction however and I think my introvert is showing with this one. 

Plus I hate how much time is wasted in the anticipation of a meeting. I’m never the person who can just look at the clock and be like, “Oh! Meeting in two minutes better hop on.” I’m constantly aware of how much time I have left before a call and waste that time while worrying that I’ll be late. I’m never late to meetings, but in my mind there is always a first time for anything…it’s even worse when 99% of meetings are completely dull. Praise the ability to not use your camera and/or mute yourself. So much of my other work gets done during meetings that should have just been an email.

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