Easy Ways to Memory Journal

Easy Ways to Memory Journal

If you’re anything like me then you have this weird desire to collect brochures, postcards, and bits and bobs during your travels. For so many years I’d just keep them in a box or an end table for a few months, get fed up with the clutter, then chuck them. A vicious cycle of collect, horde, toss, repeat. I had no interest in traditional scrapbooking, but wanted a way to turn these piles of memories into something more than clutter. There have been a few different renditions of my memory journal in the past, but I think I’ve finally found a style that I can stick with.

Erin Condren recently released a new collection of notebooks including a sketchbook option with blank pages. The metaphorically light bulb went off in my head and I scooped a few up in my latest EC order. The perfect blank canvas to document memories. The coils that come on the notebooks are quite small, so I took an old coil I had (I’m that big of a planner addict that I have just random coils) and recoiled it to have more room. 

And the rest is pretty damn simple. Collect things…anything…during a conference or your next trip. Keep them all together and print off sticker photos of your adventure. Sit down and just start adding them into your book. It really is just that simple. I never have any spreads in mind or layout styles. I group like things together and use copious amounts of Tombow Adhesive Tape to paste everything down. If I have any booklets or brochures I’ll add tape to the back of them so you can still open them and view them in the book. One of my favorite parts about this style of memory journaling is being able to open things up and interact with the pages.

Conference lanyards are another clutter annoyance that I found myself holding onto. They’re such important parts to remembering a specific event, but I found that I just wasn’t doing anything with them. So for the last conference I got a lanyard from, I decided to cut it up (*gasp*) and turn it into a paperclip to mark that section in my journal. That way I still have the memory, but without all the unnecessary clutter.

I filmed the entire process of setting up the pages in this post and exactly how I created the lanyard paper clip in the above video. Check it out for ideas and to see just HOW simple this whole thing is. If I have anything left over after finishing up the pages, I feel way better about recycling or trashing what’s left. I feel like I’ve adequately documented the experience and feel fine with letting things go.

How do you document travel or events? Are you a traditional scrapbooker, hoarder of souvenirs, or have another method?

The Never-Ending To Do List Method

The Never-Ending To Do List Method

I’m a firm believer that your planner and methods need to change with your needs. There’s no use trying to make a system continue to work if your planning needs have changed. That’s just silly. Plus any excuse to get new planner supplies, right?
2020 has been a whirlwind of a year already and we aren’t even two months in. With the opening of Oh, Hello Paper & Gifts and the expansion of The Oh, Hello Branding Group into inbound marketing, my plate looks like I just went to an all-you-can-eat-buffet. She full. To do list items started slipping through the cracks and I felt like I was losing my mind with forgetting things. Enter, The Never-Ending To Do List.
Now it’s going to be overwhelming at first. Any lengthy to do list will. But there’s just something about writing EVERYTHING down in one place that makes your head feel a million times clearer. Sure you still have to get things done, but you’re no longer holding everything in your head hoping you won’t forget.
Any notebook will do the trick, but I love my Clever Fox Dotted Journal because the cover is gorgeous, there are a ton of ribbon bookmarks, and the paper quality is great. It’s also an A5 size so larger than 5×7 to have plenty of room to write longer to do list items.
I add in random stickers and cross off the list with a variety of bright colors to keep me engaged and excited to cross something else off. It’s all about tricking  yourself into getting more done. I’ll take this master list and piece it out in my daily planner into more manageable bites.
Check out how this planner coordinates with the other two planners in my system in this video. What’s your current planner routine?
The Mimmo Caddy Review by Mollie Ollie

The Mimmo Caddy Review by Mollie Ollie

The envy is real when I see all of those planner girls at events carrying around their caddies full of supplies. They’re so organized and chic. Like they’re part of the cool planner crowd and I’m just over here rummaging through a messy stack of stickers. I could never find a caddy or tote system that I loved and didn’t feel dated. But no more! The lovely folks over at Mollie Ollie answered my organizational prayers and sent over the Mimmo Caddy* that has sent my heart a flutter.
The Mimmo Caddy Review by Mollie Ollie
I’m a sucker for felt and this caddy is so high quality I wish you could feel it through the computer screen.  It’s cool enough that I don’t feel like an 80-year-old lady carrying it around, but it’s still practical as hell. There are a ton of storage pockets along the sides that securely hold items in place. The side zipper pocket has a ton of loops to hold other supplies as well. This could be used for so many different hobbies and purposes. It was originally designed as a diaper caddy, but the sky’s the limit on its uses. It could be great for knitters, scrapbookers, and other crafty folk. Plus it’s under $30 and would make a perfect addition to your holiday wishlist since it’s sold on Amazon.
The larger compartment fits all of my planners perfectly and would likely fit any 7×9 inch planners without issue. I have three planners stashed in the pocket, but I’m sure you could fit up to five comfortably.
The Mimmo Caddy Review by Mollie Ollie
You can find me toting this thing around throughout my house. I’ve even brought it with me on the bus to take it to Oh, Hello Paper & Gifts. It’s serious love. The quality is insane and the straps are nice and sturdy. The interior divider pockets can be removed if you’re looking for a larger space to store items, but I personally love being able to divide out my products.
Click here to purchase the tote and be sure to use code 10HELLOLIV for a 10% discount! I would have never thought to use a diaper caddy to store planner supplies, but this tote has got me thinking about all the other products I could adapt to my planning needs! Do you have a planner caddy? What planner supplies do you always have with you?
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Planner Addict in Your Life from Erin Condren

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Planner Addict in Your Life from Erin Condren

How am I even writing about the holidays already?! Anyone else feel like 2019 didn’t even happen or is it just sleep-deprived me? Regardless, I have no control over how fast the year goes by and here we are, talking gift guides. It’s kind of a given that an Erin Condren gift guide is the first one I post. Five years later and the addiction is stronger than ever. Thank you to the team over at EC for supplying the items for this post!
This year they’ve released a ton of new products that would make the perfect gift for the planner addict in your life, or to add to your personal wishlist. Up first is their new, smaller planner tote. I wasn’t a huge fan of their original size but I’m all about this new option. This tote still fits a regular 7×9 planner in it and has a variety of different internal pockets to store things. Plus they come in a few different color options (this one here is a canvas black). There are a ton of new straps to choose from as well.
The new desk trays are probably my favorite from the bunch. They’re beyond gorgeous, heavy duty, and are headed straight to my store as decor as soon as I’m finished with this post. My wallet isn’t super jazzed about all these new home goods EC is releasing…
Another surprising new launch the team at EC executed very well are the new brush pens. I’m by no means a hand lettering expert, but I’ve used my fair share of pens in the past. These are high quality, easy to use, and dry very quickly (you can literally see them drying). I hope this means more people will take a stab at hand lettering in the future!
Erin Condren is usually where I go when I’m in need of stocking stuffers or smaller gifts for my girl friends and nieces. I already have a few more sets of these gold page markers in my shopping basket. I love adding a few smaller gifts on top of a main item to round out the gift.
After five years EC is still going strong with some amazing new releases. And although I’m not mentally prepared for the holiday season, at least EC has my back when I find myself scrambling to order gifts for friends and family.
What’s on your holiday wish list this year?
Habit Tracking for a More Intentional Life

Habit Tracking for a More Intentional Life

Habit Tracking for a More Intentional Lifestyle
I’ll admit it, I’m not the greatest when it comes to habit tracking or maintaining habits. Before I started tracking them in my planner I was downright awful. So trust me when I say that habit tracking, actual tracking, can make a world of difference to building and maintaining positive habits.
I’ve tried quite a few different methods over the years, but the sticker in the planner method seems to do the trick. My planner is always with me (security blanket much?) so it’s a lot easier to see what habits I’m trying to track and work on improving them every day. Sure I’m still not perfect (I barely ate at home in the photo…), but it’s more about awareness for me than anything else. The next day I can try to be better and whatnot. It’s a process.
Now I’ve received advice about not having so many habits I’m tracking and I understand there is value in focusing on a few, but I personally love having a bunch. If I happen to have a crappy time with mindful eating on a particular day, I still can feel like I wasn’t a complete and total failure. Having more things to track means I have more opportunities to succeed. 
As I’ve continued this process for a few months I’ve also noticed that some habits don’t need to be checked off every day. I don’t need to check my finances every day, but every few days works. I’ve started highlighting the dates that I want to make sure I do a certain habit that way I don’t feel bad if it isn’t all filled in. Plus some of the things I’m tracking I don’t want filled in. Like anxiety for instance. I want to keep track of when I have higher amounts of anxiety, but if I go a month without marking a single day, that’s definitely a win.
Like with all planner related things, it’s best to find a method that works for you. Whether you track two or three things to make sure you’re staying focused throughout the month, or tracking a whole butt load like me, you do you planner peeps.

Why You Should Try a Double Monthly Planner System

Why You Should Try a Double Monthly Planner System

Why You Should Try a Double Monthly Planner System
Two months ago I took some pliers to my Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly in order to add another monthly view to each section in the hopes of some planner satisfaction (planner peace just doesn’t exist…). I always think of the song “I can’t get no (planner) satisfaction!” when it comes to planning. But that’s a whole other tangent…
Ok back on point Kayla. Double monthly spreads. I needed a way to keep track of my blog posts and videos without them cluttering up my main monthly view. I don’t use weekly views (I prefer to see the entire month at once) so I had to figure out a way to make it work. So why not two planner spreads? 
I’m in love. It works so well at keeping all of my content organized in a way that visually makes sense to me. I can easily flip from my main monthly view to the content and know exactly what’s going on. It’s all in the same planner so I’m not carrying around extra notebooks or calendars unnecessarily. Sure a larger monthly view could also do the trick, but honestly I like having them separate but similar. Plus it means two planner spreads to decorate which is always a plus.
A double monthly spread could work for you if you have a blog or regular content you’re creating on a regular basis. Or if your family has a very busy sports schedule you could separate it all out in the second monthly view, and have a little icon to mark it in your main view. My content schedule never changes, so I know there will be posts on Tues/Thurs and videos on Wed/Fri so I don’t need the reminder in my main view, but if you’re just getting started it could be helpful so you aren’t missing anything.
To me this solves the personal planner/work planner problem without the multiple planner situation. It can also function as a workout or health tracker. The sky’s really the limit on the two monthly view planner. I’m just sayin’. It’s pretty insane.